Republic Day Themed Hands-On Activities For Kids

While Republic Day is a national holiday, it a good day to do some themed activities with your kids and educate and inform them about our nation, India! Make sure your kids experience the flag hoisting ceremony either in your colony, or school. Watch the Republic Day parade telecast at India Gate. These facts can be good conversation starters so you gradually get your kids interested in the entire celebration!  

For my 23 month-old son, I have designed a set of educational and engaging activities. Sharing them here so you can try the same with your kids too.


India Themed Books: My son just loves books. He can go on reading books. So I searched and grabbed some wonderful books on India.



Matching States Of India: At this age, your kid might not understand what exactly a state is but this becomes a great visual learning activity for toddlers. This printable is from and the foam pieces of states are from the India foam puzzle board. I have laminated the printable at home to make it more durable (this is optional). The activity is to match the states with their foam counterparts!



Matching State Animals: Toddlers in general have an affinity towards animals, at least my son has! If so does your’s, then take this opportunity to introduce state specific animals to the child. Ask your child to match the animals seen in the printable with the animal figurines. Another awesome use of figurines!



Learning Regional Dances: I have used the India foam puzzle for this activity as well. I bought this sheet of Indian dances from a local stationary shop, the ones that are used in kid’s project work. Cut some of the main regional dances and laminated them to form cards. The activity is to put these cards on to the right Indian state. It is a great way to tell the kids about the rich cultural diversity of India.



Architecture In India: This sheet depicts various architectural landmarks of India. I bought two copies of this sheet. Laminated one sheet as it is and cut individual pieces from another and laminated them to form cards. The activity is to match them, again a great way to expose kids to the grand architectural heritage of India.



Rhythm Sense With National Anthem: Music is great for kids and adults alike. Why not introduce rhythm along with our national anthem this Republic day? You can sing Jan Gan Man and play any percussion instrument like drums, dholak, maracas along with your child. Remember your school days? The PT drum was used for Jan Gan Man? Your can replicate that at home too!


Pretend/Free Play & Gross Motor: I made this setup of the Republic day parade using my son’s building blocks and some army themed figurines I had from a pretend play set. It has army tanks, soldiers etc. I have also put the regional dance cards here depicting the jhaankis that every state puts up in the parade. I will let this be a free play session and let my kid explore the setup.



Indian Tricolor: Vehicles and cars are the most common toys available and the kids seem to like them too! So this time, I thought of making our Indian tricolor using my son’s vehicles. These days, he is into this sensitive period of lining everything he sees - vehicles, pillows, vegetables, anything. So we made this tricolor using his vehicles!


Hope these ideas prove useful! Wish you Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind!

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