DIY: Make Baby Products At Home

DIY: Make Baby Products At Home

Learn that there are so many ingredients in our homes, specifically our kitchens which could easily make baby items and things at home.

Making your own products devoid of harsh chemicals is specially important for babies since their developing bodies are not only uniquely vulnerable, but also because their hands and feet often end up in their mouths. They literally eat the products you put on them.

Baby products are used on a daily basis and hence it's easier to make small quantities and remake them when the batches get over. This way you not only are assured of fresher products but can do away with chemicals added by companies to increase shelf lives and also save a lot of money in the process. What's more you can even gift the left overs to friends and extended family.

Coconut oil is the one miracle ingredient that can be pretty much used for everything from body moisturiser to curing diaper rashes to massage the baby before bath or bed time.

If you need a little variation, here are a few homemade recipes for baby lotion, baby diaper cream, baby baths and baby massage oil. A word of caution though. Use only pure ingredients from reputed suppliers. Do not use if your baby is allergic to any ingredient, especially essential oils.

1. Diaper Cream and Body Lotion

Mix 1/4th cup Coconut Oil and 3/4th cup Shea butter. Add 5 drops of tea tree essential oil. If you don't get the pure version of tea tree oil, skip it. Whip the cream and oil with a whisk till it looks like frost or whipped cream. Scrape with a spoon and put it in a jar. Label the jar with the name of the product and the date you made it on.

Throw away when you start getting a rancid smell. Hopefully you will finish it before this happens. Will store longer if kept in the refrigerator.

2. Baby Massage Oil

Most baby oils are loaded with mineral oils and artificial fragrances. Coconut oil by far is the best massage oil as it has both moisturising as well as anti fungal properties. You can even add a little bit of olive oil or almond oil to it, as per your preference. To use it as a bed time soothing oil, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to it. Lavender has calming properties which helps soothe the baby and helps him fall asleep faster.


3. Moisturizing Milk Bath
Milk is a soothing, moisturizing bath additive that gently cleanses the skin.

1 cup dried milk

1/2 cup cornstarch

2-3 drops lavender or chamomile essential oils (optional)

Combine ingredients and stir. Sprinkle a small amount in a warm bath. Chamomile and lavender essential oils are naturally calming, so this bath is perfect for a fussy baby or toddler!

4. Oatmeal Baby Bath

For perfectly soft baby skin, try giving an oatmeal bath to your baby. Grind a cup of oats in the food processor or grinder to powder consistency. Add to bath water and mix well. You will be surprised at how soft the water and your baby's skin turns into. Oats are also very beneficial for babies suffering from eczema and other skin problems.

Products made by your own hands with natural ingredients and your love are sure to benefit your baby in more ways than one. All you need is a little inclination, loads of love and some time on your hands. And let me assure you, once you see the benefits of handmade products, you will never ever buy store or commercially products again. I don't and I am sure you won't too!!


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