5 Reasons to Rethink Your Baby's Skin Care Regime

5 Reasons to Rethink Your Baby's Skin Care Regime

When it comes to baby skin care, the one thing to remember is that your baby’s skin is delicate and exclusive to your baby. Different skin types have different skin needs. Hence, there is no right answer to correct skin care.

Having said that some basic skin facts stay true to all babies, for example – baby skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin which makes it easily susceptible to irritants. Also, a baby skin dries out much faster and needs special care when it comes to retaining moisture. Clearly then, the need for moisturizing is universal irrespective of skin type.

Here are some super simple moisturizing tips for you to fight baby skin dryness…


Apt clothing

The clothes you pick for your little one are extremely crucial to baby skin. Synthetic fibers and wools that may seem important in winter can really irritate your baby’s skin, so opt for organic, natural fabrics that breathe. Cotton we suggest works best. And if that means you have to dress your baby in multiple layers, that’s fine.

Dressing or swaddling, make sure you do it in accordance with the temperature of the room. If opting for layers – pick a bodysuit or footed PJs and another layer if need be. Either way, check your little one's neck to make sure s/he's not too sweaty. If it is then take a layer off. Too many warm clothes can lead to skin rashes too!


Clock the bath time

Nothing beats how cute your baby looks when s/he is splashing away, happily in that bathing tub! Long baths may be fun but prolonged hot water baths can rob your baby’s skin of its moisture and lead to skin issues. So while you enjoy the bath time to the fullest, also make sure you don’t leave your baby in the bath for too long! Don’t forget to include a bathing bar that provides superior moisturization and goes beyond mildness to replenish lost moisture. We recommend that you try the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar.


Moisturize well and in time

A baby’s skin loses moisture five times faster than adult skin, which means that the lost moisture needs to be replenished. This is best done with a gentle and mild moisturizing lotion that soothes dry skin from the very first use. We suggest you opt for Baby Dove’s Nourishing Body Lotion which is Hypoallergenic and thus clinically proven to minimize allergy risks. Its ph. neutral formula also respects baby skin’s natural ph. balance thus leaving it soft and supple. Its mild and caring fragrance has been developed specifically for delicate baby skin.  The lotion promises 24 hour moisturization too, thereby reducing the effort of reapplication.


Baby laundry be important

Be careful with the detergent you use for your baby’s laundry. This detergent is capable of causing a skin rash! Avoid fabric softeners and opt for detergents that are free of dyes.


Use a humidifier
Use a cool-mist humidifier in your baby’s room when the air is dry. Moisture in the air helps retain moisture in the skin!


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