These Things Moms Tell Their Pregnant Daughters Will Have You in Splits!

Most mothers wait with bated breath for their daughters to conceive. And  the moment most women discover that they are at the brink of motherhood (pregnant), they turn to their mothers for advice and care! This article therefore is about chronicling that exact emotion.

Having said that – moms and their dramatic concern for their daughters – when put together, make perfect ingredients for a good laugh! Moms do end up doing the most hilarious things when it comes to their daughters and their pregnancies.

Well we at BabyChakra can’t help but take note of what these grannies-to-be are like! Take a look and laugh a laugh (possibly with your mother…) as we put it all out with these Gifs…



When she can’t wait for you to start your family but you got other plans called Life!


When you do start planning but your devrani (Sister in law) is pregnant already!



When she decides to take matters in her own hands! You are asked to share the gravest details of your sex life with her!  



When you finally break the good news to her! Success!!



Now that you are pregnant, you are at her disposal to take care off! After all, she knows it all!



“When I was pregnant with you” episodes of nostalgia will now hit her! Time to revisit her motherhood and your babyhood!



When she regulates your pregnancy diet!



 When it comes to your career choices!



As your pregnancy progresses, she will start to get possessive and over possessive about you!



It’s a double whammy if your granny is around! But let’s face it, you need your mom and she needs hers!



When you finally deliver your baby!


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Comments (18)

haha!!funny gifs but all true

lol... ridiculous

wow!!! enjoyed reading it along with funny gif:-)

Hahahaha love the Kim Kardashian one 😁😁😁😁😁

loved kirron kher! shes too good in her mummy roles.
good one BabyChakra!!

awesome videos with the comments ... but somewhat true..

really my mother was so  much worried when i was busy in my carrier every  day she asked me plz do something but i kw she was worried for that time when she heared my pregency news i think she was more snd more happier then any other

GIFs are simply superb

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ha ha funny. More than me my mother is intrested in my scan reports god knows how many times she has seen the scan 😃

veryyyyyyyy funnnyyy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Really true

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