Scenes From A Mom’s Life That You Are Sure To Have A Laugh At…!

Scenes From A Mom’s Life That You Are Sure To Have A Laugh At…!

Day dreaming about the time when your baby will arrive! Dreaming of when you will hold your baby for the first time. You promise yourself that they will grow up, well disciplined. You have already thought of their names and the hobby classes you would enroll them in. Sigh! All of the above are by far the best ways to get through your pregnancy - fantasizing about being the perfect mother. Sure, they are!

But when the baby finally arrives, life suddenly looks like it has toppled off a cliff and everything that was ‘totally in control’ is nothing close! Mommyhood is definitely filled up with a lot of obstacles, but the fun part is, when you reflect on them, they are hilarious. If you haven’t reached there yet, let us give you a sneak peek into what motherhood has in store for you. Hopefully, like we have, you too will learn to laugh at your own misery!



It’s no secret that moms use phones in the washroom for some ‘ME’ time, but what no one warns you about is the ‘accidents’ and their consequences.



And those horrible days filled with terror when the maid calls in sick and you have to do it all… ON YOUR OWN!!

At this point, you probably love the maid more than you love any of your friends! (if you’ve still got any, that is!)



And one of those crazy days when everything already seems out of control! Your baby decides to catch a flu and you resort to Google for a diagnosis… Never mind self-diagnosis!!


And there are those days when the little one wants an extra serving of his midnight ‘snack’, while momma just could not have enough sleep. It gets worse if you can’t avail any more leaves and have to be there for that conference. Oh God, No!!


And you end up earning a bad name because somehow you are always late, and whether or not the baby is responsible, the blame goes on the poor bub.



That’s simply because, things never go as planned…



The irony of our situation being - there are surveys that prove that mums are in for a guilt trip either way! For instance - the Baby Dove Real Mom Survey claims; 7% of Indian, working mothers feel guilty about going to work rather than staying at home with their child while 61% feel guilty about staying at home and not providing for their family!


Now be honest, haven’t you all faced these contradictions of motherhood??

Let us know in the comments section below!


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