Celebrating Women’s Day With These Wonder Women, BabyChakra Style!

Celebrating Women’s Day With These Wonder Women, BabyChakra Style!

7 Mar 2017 | 5 min Read

Khubi Amin Ahmed

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For a mother, Women’s Day is just another day! No? Yes?! Well, who has time to celebrate womanhood when you have a baby or a toddler demanding your life’s precious moments! While that seems challenging, the hidden truth therein is the fact that there’s no stronger empowerment than motherhood! Everyone who has been a mother, will admit that.

Clearly then, we at BabyChakra, wanted to celebrate Women’s Day with our Wonder Women, our own MomStars!  #MyWonderWoman. Join the celebration with our MomStars while they pay a tribute to their real life Super Women! They shared all about the Wonder Woman in their lives and why she is so special!

The responses we received were overwhelming. So, as a part of our promise to make your Wonder Woman feel special – here is re-telling the best of your stories! And before you get reading – Kudos ladies, here is big cheer to us and our Wonder Women!


Preeti Athri Wonder Woman Story

“ My Wonder Woman did not allow me to photograph her. “Not with this scarf, didi” she said. I did not pester her. I wanted to help her as she hobbled over and struggled to sit. She didn’t let me, she’s too strong to accept help. She looked at me, and the first time in years, I saw her cry.

Meet Manisha. Manisha has been our maid for 6 years. We would call her the Konkan Kanya Express. She would breeze in, whip up tasty food within minutes, wrap up and breeze out the way she came. Troublesome in-laws, financial problems, sick husband- nothing stopped her from working and smiling. 

“Teach me how to make noodles na didi. I don’t know,” she asked me once. She wanted to start her own catering business. I was so proud. Rain or shine, Manisha would toil, house to house cooking, cleaning, running errands till…… She was diagnosed with cancer. 

Her world came crashing down. When I saw her test reports, I was numb. “Is it serious?” she asked. “You will be fine,” I muttered, not wanting to puncture her spirit. Even between chemo sessions, Manisha came to work. ” I can’t sit at home idling didi. You people will pay me even if I don’t work I know, but it’s against my ethics.”

Two months back, doctors told her she has only few months to live. She’s reduced to a wisp of what she was and too weak to move. But she smiles again when I tell her I want her picture to show everyone how wonderful she is. She refuses. And cries. She doesn’t know what will become of her daughter after she’s gone.

“I’ll take care of her,” I say. “Then I shall go in peace. Should I make you tea?” 

Unbelievable. Hope I be even half as strong as her. Bye, Wonder Woman, you lived well. Womens’s day”


Priya Ghosh Wonder Woman Story

“I have been inspired by many women over the years and really commend them and respect them and have learnt something or the other from them. But today I am not going to nominate any of them, no offence. My nomination for wonderwoman is no one else but Me, Myself and I.

The reason I am nominating myself is because I have been through many ups and downs in my life and nothing came to me easily. My work, my life partner and my motherhood. Each and every role took my exams at each and every level and have been through real tough times. In spite of these tough times I never gave up, felt like giving up many times, but just cried and then made myself understand I have to get through this and here I am today standing strong and proud of myself.

Taking this opportunity to thank all the women who have inspired me and always kept me going.

Wishing all the beautiful women in this group a Very Happy Woman’s Day. It’s not easy to be a woman and we should all be proud of it as well.

Proud of every woman, cherish womanhood.”


Priya Sood Wonder Woman Story

“ My Wonder Woman. This is my second nomination. I have so many Women in my life who really deserve this shout out. To the Women who helped other Moms through their journey. Who gave them support, friendly advice and a warm smile. This nomination goes out to you all the Mom Champions of BabyChakra! You guys rock!”


We are sure you want to share your stories of inspiration as well. Please feel free to do so in the comments with #mywonderwoman


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