The Ultimate Checklist To Pick Your Baby’s Ideal Bath Soap!

The Ultimate Checklist To Pick Your Baby’s Ideal Bath Soap!

8 Mar 2017 | 4 min Read

Preeti Athri

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As a newborn, my baby had extremely sensitive skin and no matter which bath soap I used, his skin would dry out soon. So I embarked on a quest to find the perfect baby soap but the plethora of options available in the market did not make it easy, since all of the available soaps claimed to be safe for babies. My son is two now and after a lot of trying, testing and research; I can safely claim that I finally have a handy checklist that can help anyone choose a soap that suits their baby.

Here is sharing the said checklist of what I look for when choosing my baby’s bathing bar. Take cues here…


Choose a soap meant for babies:

This might sound very obvious but there are many who tend to take this casually. A baby’s skin is much thinner than an adult’s skin and needs to be treated differently. In fact, a baby’s skin loses moisture up to five times faster than an adult’s. So even if your adult bathing bar is from a reputed brand or has safe or organic ingredients, use a soap meant for babies ONLY.


Check the  package for key words:

After some analysis, I realized that the things to consciously check for are keywords, ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘dermatologist and paediatrician tested’ as these indicate that the product is safe and has undergone tests. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar checks off all these boxes- it is hypoallergenic so as to minimise the risk of allergies. Also, is dermatologist and paediatrician tested. Hence, I believe that I am giving the best skin care solution to my baby.


It’s all in the pH:

pH is the measure how acidic or basic a substance is.  On the pH scale, the value 7 is considered neutral; values lower than 7 are acidic in nature and those with values higher than 7 have a basic or alkaline nature. Baby soaps need to have a neutral pH. This means, your baby’s soap should not alter her/his natural skin environment. So, look for the words ‘pH balanced’ or ‘pH neutral’ on the packaging. Words like, ‘mild’ or ‘ultra-mild’ alone might not be enough as these do not indicate whether a soap is pH-neutral. For example, the Baby Dove bathing bar with its pH neutral formula respects the skin’s natural pH level while replenishing the essential nutrients lost during cleansing. Thus, preserves the skin barrier function.


Does the soap have moisturising quotient?

An ideal baby soap is one which keeps your darling’s skin moist even after a bath. Emollients in soaps work best for babies with sensitive skin. So if the ingredients mentioned are – cream, oils, glycerine or other moisturizers, then you can be assured that the soap will not dry your baby’s skin.  

Baby Dove bar with 1/4th moisturising cream leaves delicate baby skin soft and nourished. Also, it replenishes the essential nutrients lost during cleansing.


Test, test

Some soaps might suit your baby, some might not. You can find out which bathing bar works for your baby with a simple test.  Apply a small amount of the soap over a small area of your baby’s arm and wash off after few minutes. Observe the area for a day. If the area turns dark, red or flaky, then that soap is not for your baby.

At last, many baths and plenty of soapy tests later, my search for the perfect baby soap ended with Baby Dove’s bathing bar. Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Bar and Sensitive Moisture Bar got a big tick in all the above parameters. The bars are pH neutral, hypoallergenic, dermatologist and paediatrician tested.  Thanks to the ¼ moisturizing cream in the soap, my son’s skin doesn’t feel itchy or dry at all and my fears of not finding the right soap for my child were put to rest. Phew, finally!


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