Mom Success Stories That Prove Life Begins Post Mommy Hood!

Mom Success Stories That Prove Life Begins Post Mommy Hood!

Ladies, there is no denying that becoming a mother is a mean feat! The nine months, the labour pains and then the lifelong commitment of being the centre of a baby’s universe! Clearly, none of that is easy to pull off and yet there have been women (since times immemorial) that have gone all out and claimed their careers and life-at-large post motherhood! Thus, proving that life after motherhood can not only be fun but also successful in equal measure…    

Plus, we came across these interesting findings in the Real Mother’s Heard Survey by Baby Dove that said – 67% of Indian mothers find it hard to balance spending time with their child and fulfilling other obligations in life. The survey also stated , 54% Indian mothers would like to go to work rather than being a stay-at-home mom! Clearly then we at BabyChakra had to tell the stories of moms who aren’t bowing down to patriarchal norms!

Here is listing such women who have had their babies and their successes – both, without an ounce of compromise. Beginning from days gone by, to the modern day successful women, read on…


Twinkle Khanna

Needless to say, Twinkle Khanna is shattering all the reservations and pre-conceived notions that you may have had about an Indian actress of the 90s. She is challenging the patriarchy and tickling the nation’s funny bone all with her mighty pen. And while she is at it (writing bestsellers and columns after another and managing a successful interior designing business), she is also a successful homemaker, a star wife and a mommy of two. All of them making perfect reasons for us to be in complete awe of her!


Sussanne Khan

She has established herself as a successful entrepreneur and a businesswoman with her chic décor brands The Charcoal Project and her co-partnered lifestyle brand The Label Life. And all that post motherhood! Well, kudos to her for not only rising above and beyond her personal setbacks but also being the coolest mom on our social feeds!


Kareena Kapoor Khan

Well obviously, this list would be incomplete without her on it! Kareena has taken her newly claimed motherhood in her stride like no one else. She has worn her pregnancy on her sleeve literally and even walked the ramp flaunting her baby bump! And while her wardrobe made the headlines all along, the  strongest statement she made was about moms and moms-to-be living and working, like they always did.      


Tara Sharma

Once she became a mommy to her lovely sons, she took her career ahead with a talk show on parenting itself! Today, hers is the most popular talk show in the parenting space as she gets the who’s who of the industry to tell all on their parenting journeys. Well, we at BabyChakra are totally for mothers who merge work with life and do both with sheer panache!        


Sagarika Ghose

A journalist of high regard and an accomplished professional in the media industry, Ghose has always publicly endorsed her political stance and opinions rather bravely on both mediums – her television shows and her social media profiles. Well, while we know her as a fierce journalist, not many know that she is also a mother to a lovely daughter! Isn’t that some incredible work-life balance?

Well, the success stories of these moms reinforce the philosophy of brand Baby Dove - that there is no right or wrong way of being a mother. Motherhood will involve as you make tough choices and decisions. So, dear mothers, like Baby Dove says – believe in yourself and trust your instincts in making your choices. And, you can always take cues from the women of substance above and do the best job of being you and that should be perfect.


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