Baby Skin Milestones in The First Year

Baby Skin Milestones in The First Year

Just like you keep tab of all the milestones in your baby’s  life - aka the first solid food, first crawl, first step etc. - it is also important to remember that your baby’s skin has its own growth milestones! Starting right at zero months of age, your baby’s skin starts to evolve and keeps growing till it finally adapts and develops a nature of  its own! The first year of your baby’s skin life, therefore is crucial. Precisely why, we have put together a skin milestone chart for your baby’s skin in its first year. Read on...    

A newborn’s skin is like a blank slate. It is free of blemishes and marks that will eventually accumulate in the later stages of life. Hence, touching the baby very often, cuddling, nuzzling or simply overdoing the gestures of love should be avoided! According to Dr. Nelson Lee Novick, M.D. and author of Baby Skin, “'The basic rule is – don't do anything to aggravate the skin. The less you wipe and irritate it, the better.'

A baby’s skin care routine needs to evolve as the baby grows up – let’s take a look!


Stage One: 0 – 3 months

Right now, everything is new for your baby. Their skin plays an important role in maintaining their health. It regulates the baby’s internal temperature and is a medium for the baby to explore the world through touch! Being at least 30% thinner than the skin of adults, it is very sensitive and vulnerable. Also, baby’s skin loses moisture up to five times faster than an adult’s skin.

It is essential to keep the umbilical cord region clean and dry until it falls off completely. Daily baths are not recommended but a gentle sponge bath is good enough. Daily, soft massage should be given to the baby with positive strokes spread out on the whole body. Don’t expose the newborn to direct sunlight, especially until the age of six months and make sure you only use mild baby lotions. We suggest you opt for Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Lotion that is hypoallergenic and is clinically proven to minimise allergy risks! Also, it’s pH neutral formula maintains skin’s natural pH balance! The Baby Dove lotion soothes dry skin from the first use and leaves baby’s skin extra soft, moisturised for 24 hours and delicately scented.

Don’t overcrowd their crib or room with soft, furry toys as these can host a lot of bacteria and cause infections!

Important: Contrary to popular belief, don’t use baby talcum powder. If the baby inhales too much of it, it can cause respiratory problems.


Stage two: 3 – 4 months

Your baby is now active. She/he tries to grab objects, makes eye contact, tries to chew etc. In short, your baby has started to interact with their surroundings. So, bath time can be prolonged, since the child is learning to enjoy and play. But make sure you opt for a bathing soap that allows your baby’s skin that extra bath time. We suggest, you go for Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Bar – that contains 1/4th moisturising cream and a unique blend of cleansers and moisturisers that leave delicate baby skin soft and nourished. The Baby Dove bar has been developed to go beyond mildness and actively replenish lost moisture and nutrients into baby’s skin. It also helps preserve skin barrier function, meaning more moisture and nutrients stay in your baby’s skin.

Also, check for nappy rashes. It is important that you keep your baby’s genital region clean and dry. Soiled nappies are to be discarded immediately and baby should be cleaned. We recommend using the Baby Dove Rich Moisture wipes that are alcohol-free and as gentle as water. It effectively removes impurities, while the glycerine content ensures instant moisturisation. Also, look out for dry skin or eczema at this age. Alert your doctor and seek prescription medication for treatment.

When washing baby’s clothes, use mild detergents. And in case of new clothes, always wash them before you put them on your baby. Make sure that your baby’s nails are clean and regions around their neck, armpits and joints are kept clean and dry at all times.


Stage three: 5 – 7 months

Your baby will try to sit up, hold objects and will recognize you by now. Your little one loves his/her play time and can interact better with you and the rest of the family. Because the baby will want to move around, their surroundings should be kept clean. Parents too should maintain hygiene and for visitors, they must wash their hands and feet before they touch the baby. You can introduce bubbles and other bath toys at this point so the baby starts to enjoy his/her bath time. If you are taking your baby out for a stroll, make sure their prams are covered and have enough ventilation. Keep drinking water and foods handy. Keeping the baby well hydrated is important for healthy skin.


Stage 4: 8 months – 1 year

Your baby is growing up fast and can crawl now. Some babies can even stand up and try walking on their own, while some have started to walk by now. Because they can now reach objects beyond their primary surroundings, it is important to keep at bay, everything that can cause hurt or surprise or shock the baby. Child safety locks are handy now.

You can oil their hair using mild oils that suit their skin and use lotions to keep their skin hydrated. The Baby Dove lotion is a great option if you are looking for moisturisation that lasts 24 hours. It soothes dry skin from the very first use and also comes with the additional benefits of all Baby Dove products – dermatologist and paediatrician tested, hypoallergenic and pH neutral.

Your baby will also start to have solid foods – fruits, rice, cerelac etc. So, look out for food allergies. Many a times, skin conditions and allergies are inherited so your baby can be allergic to the same foods as you.

It is important to keep your pediatrician’s number handy when caring for your newborn. Also, remember that every baby is unique and so are their requirements, so don’t take the advices from friends and family too seriously. Always remember, that as a mom, you know what’s best for your baby. Lastly, a mother’s health is equally important for a healthy, happy baby. So, mommies, take care of yourself and always trust your instincts! And as Baby Dove says, there are no perfect moms, only real ones :)


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