Revisiting The 9 Months That Were...!

Revisiting The 9 Months That Were...!

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Below is a personal account of those precious nine months; as written by a mother of a lovely two year old girl! Read on as she documents her pregnancy...


As told to team BabyChakra -

‘The two parallel lines on the HPT meant a world of joy to me. Infact I couldn't even believe it. So it was followed by a 2nd and 3 rd test. When all of them came out with the same result, the feeling actually sank in, that I or rather ‘we’ were pregnant! This elation was followed by an elongated panic attack on “We’re not prepared. We don’t know anything, absolutely anything about pregnancies and babies


With me being the hyper one (call it hormones or just my nature), it was my husband’s turn to hold the reins and take some firm steps towards “preparing us”. It started with buying multiple books, google search about anything and everything and trying to “feel” pregnant. All this would have been easier if Babychakra existed then, so had to do it the hard way!


Then came the time for the 1st scan and hearing my sweetheart’s heart-beats for the first time. Never thought I was the filmy senti kind, but couldn’t stop the tears upon hearing her heartbeat (again blame it on hormones)! The next step was telling our parents. Definition of being overjoyed changed when we heard and saw the reactions of our families. With us being the eldest on both sides, the first baby’s news brought in immense joy and celebration!


All this however was followed with bouts and bouts of vomiting, which for me lasted till I delivered my baby. Given the extent of my nausea, I kept losing weight. While the entire gamut of traditional advisers asked me to eat more, keeping down even a few morsels was becoming tiresome! I would wake up and vomit and go to sleep with the same. I was amongst those rare few people who get onto a weighing scale praying to have put on weight!


I lost a massive five kgs of weight in the 1st trimester. To add it to it, everybody around kept saying how weak I was looking and a trillion things I should be doing. The best part was that everything had contradictory views, eat figs, don’t eat figs, eat saffron, don’t eat saffron, the list is endless. Another thing that happened was the heightened sense of smell. My husband kept saying, police and CBI should let go of sniffer dogs and hire pregnant girls. This coupled with nausea was the best combination ever. Even if my neighbor cooked rice, I vomited! If the office pantry was making pakoras, I vomited. The number of times I excused myself from meetings, just because someone opened their tiffin and my darling baby had to oppose!


Also indulged in some compulsive shopping for myself. I got myself a range of maternity wear. Super bad idea as they all were left unused. I didn’t expand enough to be able to wear any of them. Today when I think back, I realize, a normal person when faced with vomiting for even 5 days, gets to the bed and is classified as extremely unwell. A pregnant woman goes through this for 3 months, in some cases like mine, even for  9 and still goes about her usual work and takes on the preparations for the new arrival. Maybe this is the 1st step (God intended) to prepare a woman to turn into a mother.’


You can always document your own pregnancy and write to us!


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