Here’s What You Need To Know About Medical Illnesses During Pregnancy – Part 1

Here’s What You Need To Know About Medical Illnesses During Pregnancy – Part 1

23 Mar 2017 | 2 min Read

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Medical illnesses during pregnancy can often lead to pregnancy complications. It could affect the mother, the baby or both! These illnesses could have developed from before pregnancy or during pregnancy; either way they need to be diagnosed and treated.


Here is all you need to know about these illnesses…


Medical illnesses from before Pregnancy

1. Diabetes: Women who have diabetes or high blood pressure, may have more complications during pregnancy. In such cases, it is crucial to meet the gynecologist along with the specialist doctor, so you are in good health before your pregnancy. Women with these issues, need to be monitored regularly and regular medication should be given to control the disease at hand.


Medical illnesses which can affect the foetus

1. Fever: During the 1st trimester, a temperature higher than 103° F increases the risk  of a miscarriage. It can also lead to brain or spinal cord defects in the baby. Fever in late pregnancy increases the risk of Preterm labor.


It is important therefore, to control fever with medication in both the cases.

2. Sexually transmitted diseases like

Gonorrhea: can cause conjunctivitis in newborns

Syphilis: can be transmitted from a mother to the fetus through the placenta. Syphilis can cause several birth defects.

HIV: infection is transmitted to the fetus in about one fourth of pregnancies, if women who have the infection are not treated in time. Experts recommend that women with HIV infection take one or more antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy.

Genital herpes: can be transmitted to the baby during a  vaginal delivery. Babies who are infected with herpes can develop a life-threatening brain infection called herpes encephalitis. This infection in babies can also damage other internal organs and cause skin and mouth sores, permanent brain damage, or even death.


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