If You’re Pregnant And Have These Medical Illnesses You May Require a Surgery – Part 3

If You’re Pregnant And Have These Medical Illnesses You May Require a Surgery – Part 3

24 Mar 2017 | 2 min Read

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I know! For most of us who are reading this, the heart probably stops a beat at the word ‘Surgery’. In Part 1 and Part 2 of Medical Illnesses during Pregnancy you read about the various illnesses and their effect on a pregnant woman. While most can be cured and monitored through medication, there are a some illnesses that unfortunately require moms-to-be to visit the OT much before labor strikes. All this to be able to continue the pregnancy, go through labor and finally welcome their little one.  


Gallbladder disease: If an infection develops  in the gall bladder which cannot be treated with antibiotics, surgery is required.


Appendicitis:  during pregnancy,  requires surgery to remove the appendix immediately because a ruptured appendix may be fatal. An appendectomy is not likely to harm the fetus or cause a miscarriage.


Ovarian cyst: Non cancerous cysts often disappear without treatment. Surgery is usually done after the 14th week. However if the cyst is very tender, surgery may be necessary before the 14th week.


Blockage in the intestine: can be very serious and can lead to loss of the foetus and endanger the mother’s life as well. Surgery is usually done promptly in such cases.



Do remember, whether a complication is common or rare, there are always ways to manage illnesses that come up during pregnancy. Speak up, get yourself checked regularly by a specialist doctor, watch your diet and take your medications regularly and most importantly don’t ignore any questionable signs.


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