Is Summer Adding To Your Pregnancy Discomforts? Try These Hacks…

Is Summer Adding To Your Pregnancy Discomforts? Try These Hacks…

When you are pregnant, your body temperature is already higher than normal. The hot summer months obviously add to this heat and make you feel further uncomfortable. Thus making pregnancy in this summer heat, a mean feat.

But ladies, worry not, read on as we tell you everything you want to know about summer pregnancies.


Here is a quick list of what summers can do to you when pregnant:

  • Increase in perspiration can cause rashes and general discomfort.
  • Over hydration caused due to drinking too much water can lead to more fatigued muscles, cramps and in extreme cases unconsciousness.
  • Excessive thirst - Dehydration can predispose women to preterm labor.
  • Sun burns.
  • You may feel weak, dizzy and fatigued.
  • Physiologic Edema where the degree of leg swelling can increase dramatically in the summer months especially if you are in your last trimester.
  • Household chores, cooking and running errands may be exhausting.
  • Food spoils easily and hence there will be a higher risk of stomach upset.
  • Skin is more susceptible to sun damage.
  • Prickly heat rash can be caused due to heat and sweat.


To avoid these discomforts, remember:

  • Avoid vigorous outdoor activities during the hot hours of the day.
  • Use a high SPF Sunscreen.
  • Avoid direct mid-day sun.
  • Drink one 200 ml glass of water or electrolyte replacement liquid for each hour you spend outdoors in heat.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables especially cucumbers, melons, salad leaves.
  • To alleviate swollen legs and feet, keep your legs elevated while sleeping by placing a rolled-up towel or blanket under your mattress at the foot of the bed.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and, if possible, wear one pair of shoes that are a half size larger than your normal size.
  • Walk two to three times a week, at times other than afternoons / mid-day heat.
  • Remove your rings if they seem to be tight. Some pregnant women experience mild swelling of the hands.
  • Don't wear constrictive clothing, especially around the waist. Wear lighter fabrics, such as cotton that will not cling to your body.
  • Don't stand in one place for too long.
  • Reduce, but don't eliminate, salt from your diet. Salt contains iodide, an essential element for the health of the fetus.
  • Rest adequately.
  • Get ample help with household chores and cooking.
  • Don't take any diuretic substances. Diuretics can cause the loss of electrolytes that could endanger the fetus.
  • Prevent itchiness by using moisturizing shower products and applying lotions immediately following a shower or bath.
  • Protect and soothe the itch by applying oatmeal on your body.
  • Pat dry the area between skin folds immediately following a bath or shower to prevent the rash.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe a medicated lotion or powder to protect the rash if it begins to cause pain or discomfort.


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