Tips to Keep in Mind When Preparing For A Photo Shoot With Your Little One

Tips to Keep in Mind When Preparing For A Photo Shoot With Your Little One

‘Tis true that a photograph can speak a thousand words, but not unless it is well-planned, and adequate thought has gone into preparing for it. Planning a photo shoot with your little one/s can be daunting, especially if your munchkin isn’t old enough to really understand what’s going to happen.

Kidzography, a professionally run kids’ photography brand, has been in the business for over two years and has dealt with a bunch of babies to figure out the trick. Drawing from all their experience, they’ve now launched a specialised kids’ studio - the first of its kind in Mumbai!

On the occasion of this studio launch, we at BabyChakra asked them to list down some important child photography tips and tricks to bear in mind while preparing for a photo session with the babies. Here’s what they had to say...



It is very important for you to pick a time that suits your child. When booking a slot, choose one that is right after your little one’s nap and feeding time. Ensuring your child is well fed and well slept will make sure he/she has adequate energy to get through the shoot with ease.  


Haircuts are a Big No-No

If you’ve planned a haircut for your child, make sure it is done much before the shoot; if not, leave it for a later date. Haircuts often take a while to settle; hence getting one done anytime close to the shoot isn’t advisable. Plus the possibility of your child being cranky after a haircut is higher!


Reach Before Time

When it comes to shooting, it’s always advisable to reach before time, as it will help you and your child get acquainted with the space.


Be Involved as Parents

Do bear in mind that, through the shoot, you will have to be completely involved. From wiping the drool to doubling as funny people to make the child laugh, you may have to do it all. Sometimes, mothers may even have to sit with the child to get him/her comfortable under the spotlight, before the photographer starts clicking.


A Happy Child Delivers a Great Shoot

The onus is on the parents to ensure the child is his/her happiest self before the shoot. It is best to make sure the child isn’t cranky about anything.     


Net Practice Before a Cake Smash

Cake smash is a crucial concept and is also very messy. (Some children are known to get worked up with messy hands). Therefore, we strongly advise parents to try a mini cake smash at home before the D-day; it’ll help you gain a fair idea about how your child reacts to the smash. Photographers and parents can be better prepared if they know of the reactions beforehand.  



Colours are Important

When choosing the clothes for the shoot, make sure you seek a second opinion from the photographer, just so you two are on the same page. Always stick to the colours suggested by the photographer. In case of family portraits, make sure the clothes are colour coordinated.


Goodie Bag

Children often get cranky or tired through the shoot; sometimes they aren’t even in the mood to smile. So make sure you bring along their favourite food, toy, video, music or even a person to help them feel better in-between shots.


For more information on photography and to book a package with Kidzography in person, click here

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Image Credit: Kidzography


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