Sheryl Sandberg On How To Help Your Kids Deal With Loss

(As written in her New York Times Column)

Amongst all the things that you will have to and want to teach your kids, dealing with loss is probably going to be the most crucial.


In times of loss and pain - when it comes to dealing with grieving kids, you will need all the help you can get from family, friends, professionals, counselors and psychologists. But most of all, you can use a word of advice from someone who has been there and survived that.


Read on as we share this New York Times Column by Sheryl Sandberg, where she shares an episode from her life. Sandberg shares how she dealt with her husband’s sudden demise and how she took her kids through those dark times of personal adversity.


Here is a link to Sheryl’s Column


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Comments (4)

dealing with loss of a family member n seeing your children grieve is painful...but it's our children who give us strength...mine did..

it must be really tough. At one side we want to protect them from any news thats painful and at another there is the hard reality.

This is such an important part of growing up and the most difficult too!! It is important that parents handle it carefully.

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