Momstardiaries: A Page From The Diary Of Momstar Komal

Momstardiaries: A Page From The Diary Of Momstar Komal

When we say she is a mother of an angel child, you know she is a mother to a special baby, who is being brought up in heaven. Komal is a mother who lost her child in the seventh month to Preeclampsia and today she works actively to create awareness about the same.  


Yes, it takes great strength to revisit the most painful part of your life so you can create awareness and save others from the pain you have endured. And yet, that is exactly what Komal has done.


For this episode of BabyChakra MomStars, Komal takes the stage. Watch her share her story and tell you how to avoid any possible lapse in your pregnancy...


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If you have a similar story to share or have something you would like to tell Komal or us; just comment below and let us know..


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