Top Jewellery Designs For Your Daughter

Top Jewellery Designs For Your Daughter

The Hindu calendar mesmerizes me each time. It has this amazing way of celebrating everything that life has to offer; from food to education to health to businesses to jewellery, it is peppered with auspicious days for almost every occasion! I don’t know if I believe in these dates, but I have always believed in my grandmother’s idea of little investments in gold or jewellery on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Trithiya.

She always said “Little by little I’m investing in a future for you girls.” Now I know what she meant by future when I have little bits of gold and diamonds dazzling on my being.  Her collection has grown each year and the girls in the family have enjoyed digging into it.

Today when I have a daughter of my own, I’ve decided to cash into my grannie’s wisdom. Akshay Trithiya is a great day to start new initiatives and to buy gold. It is believed that gold bought on this day is a symbol of prosperity and shall bring the wearer unending prosperity. And if you can do it online, from the comforts of your home, then why not!


Why I buy my daughter jewellery?

Since ancient times, kids have always worn jewellery. Be it the traditional nazar bandh, the little tingling payals or the tiny earrings. Plus I have always seen people in my family buying jewellery on celebratory occasions. Most pieces I own have been either gifted to me or handed down to me by friends and family. So it is almost a tradition with me now; buying little pieces of jewellery for my daughter as well as for gifting purposes. Great investments and great for dressing up too!


How does one choose children’s jewellery?

With so many varieties of children’s jewellery available, this can be a tough call. Several parameters you must consider, like the child’s age, responsibility level, gemstone preferences and suitability, material etc. can determine the choice of children’s jewellery. While I use casual plastic beads jewellery for her daily wear, I’ve invested in some real jewellery for her ears. Of all the brands I’ve scanned in anticipation of Akshay Trithiya, I’ve shortlisted on these pieces from my favourite brands available on BabyChakra . 


Since they’ve been launched, I’ve been aching for them. Akshay Trithiya seems to have come as the perfect occasion for me to indulge,  invest and collect...

Here are some that are on the top of my ‘Shopping List’


Twirly Ear Studs

I had something like this when I was a child. Alas, I lost them in the swimming pool. These twisted ear studs by Saara Jewels flaunt a little diamond nestled right in the middle. These seemed like a reminiscent of my childhood.  Simple yet elegant I quite love them.  Made out of 14 carat gold, these definitely make a great pair of earrings to invest in. They are in my budget and what’s more, she can wear them for a long long time to come. Who knows but on days I feel like indulging in minimal accessories, I might wear these too!


Pearl And Silver Bracelet

There’s something so fascinating about pearls. This very elegant piece from Saara Jewels is something that my husband loved! What has always charmed me about pearls is that no two pearls are the same.  This pearl bracelet is so dainty that I can see my little one wearing it with a frilly party dress as well as with her chaniya choli. It’s made out of cultured pearls and sterling silver (so that’s value for money right there). Icing on the cake: it can be monogramed with my little one’s name on it. So should she misplace it, it’s going to find its way back home.



Adventures Of The Honey Bee Pendant

Kids love little animals! I know my little one and I do! This honey bee pendant is something unique, I’d never seen before. The lovely pink and yellow pastel hues and the gorgeous dull 18k gold is such an animated combination. It’s playful and has a childlike delicacy without seeming too immature. This piece reminds me of the garden and nature; something that is very close to my daughter. Besides, the glossy enamel special from Gempetit makes it so gorgeous that I think she just might want to save it for her little one!



Hush Hush Little Bear Ring

Little girls love to get dressed. And honestly, in due time, they should be allowed to do it. To savour being a girl and all that comes with it is the privilege I don’t want to deny her. Adorning her little fingers with this Bear Ring seems so perfect.  Coming from Gempetit, what draws me to this collection is that one never outgrows teddy bears. Cast in 18k gold, it is something that she will value for a lifetime and hopefully, remember me by.

Children's jewellery is an excellent way to accessorize a young one's outfit. It also helps prepare kids for the responsibility of caring for genuine jewellery. Each child has unique jewellery preferences and if you moms are looking to buy something for your girls this Akshay Trithiya, there are some wonderful options right here on BabyChakra!

You can buy these lovely designs for your little one at Sa-ra-jewels & Gempetit


Do tell us and share pictures in the comments below, when you get your little one something.

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