A Day in The Life of - a Toddler

A Day in The Life of - a Toddler

A home with a toddler is always abuzz with activities. There's always so much happening and so much to do and while the experience can get overwhelming at times, it doesn't last long. Your toddler will gradually settle down into his/her preschooler phase and grow up quicker than you realise! Memories of this phase in your baby's life however, will always remain cherished like a priceless gift for your little one. Lifestyle Photography is your answer to creating these tangible remnants aka memories of the times that are then fondly remembered as childhood - capturing them, kids in their element, doing their own thing! 

As a momgrapher, I had become best friends with my camera when my child was blooming in all his toddlerhood glory and looking back, I feel what I got in return is truly priceless for me and him!

Here is sharing a few kodak moments I captured and thus documented a day in the life of my toddler! Take cues ladies and make the most of this phase while it lasts...


Rise and Shine 



Taking stock of news today 



Bubble bath time



Exploring around the house in his ride 



Pretend play 



Play time before Meal time 



Chasing bubbles in the park



Kicking some dust 



A jaunt to the mall 



Time to snuggle up in bed 



All images in this post are copyrighted by photographer Anamika Singh - The Memory Keeper

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