5 Simple Steps To Wearing A Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Now that we have told you and educated you about the many available options when it comes to baby carriers and their types, it’s time to look at the right way of wearing them, carriers.  

In this episode of our BabyWearing series, we tell you how to wear your baby in a Ring Sling.

Watch and learn as we take you through the step by step procedure of wearing your baby in a ring sling, to optimise your and your baby’s comfort!

Here is how...





For more on the subject, look out for the next edition of our #BabyWearing video series. If you have a query or a suggestion, write to us in the comment section below.


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Saumya Dwivedi You look so good in the video!

vidu... 😘😘😘

But wht if baby likes to turn towards front?? My baby keeps changing her face side from back to front, from my left side to my right side and sometimes towards the floor when she is in my godi😁

Nd how to ensure that its not too tight or loose? It can be hazardous if it wud b too tight or loose, isn't it?

This is just in time

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