6 Months Baby: Physical Milestones


Most babies cut their first tooth at around 6- 8 months, so always watch out for your baby’s first sign of teething. It may come along with a bit of distress (cranky baby, baby trying to chew on everything s/he gets around), but don’t worry that’s just a phase.

Motor Skills

  • Sits with own arm’s support without anyone’s help.
  • Uses fingers and hands to pick and drag small things towards her
  • Starts recognizing own image in the mirror
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Might begin to stand on feet with support
  • Crawling backward before taking any step forward
  • Plays and finds toys which are partially hidden
  • Bangs and shakes toys


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Comments (8)

Deepika Kumar

mere baby ka wait7.9 gm.hai kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki isko food kya du .pls because maine isse breastfeed nahi karaya hai .mere dono  brast ki surgery huyi hai .so pls tell me the best food my baby

Shikha Jalan

hi my baby is 3 n half month old still she is not doing roll over doing tummy time also just she is licking her finger .pls help me

Elina Dawoodani

Shikha Anurag it's normal for babies to learn to roll over by 4 months. wait till 4.5 months and then you would want her to stop! :D

Sai Gandre

This is just in time

Nasreen Mansoor

This is just in time

Shweta Shukla

My baby is now 5 month, she shakes the toys, hold it, she only turns that is too rarely. When lying flat she hold her head up as to get up. Also strrch her back as trying to get up. But she is not rolling over. Otherwise when put on tummy she hold her head up.

Rajita Bora

Hi my baby is going to be 5 months old in two days. She can held her head in tummy time but she does not show any interest in rolling over. I encourage her to roll over by showing her how to do it. But she doesn't even like to sleep on her sides. She is comfortable sleeping on her back. Can I do anything to help her learn roll over soon

Jayesh M Bodosa

My baby boy is 5 mnts 6 days today but not rolling over. Will he begin to roll over in a few days?

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