8 Months Baby: Physical Milestones


Most babies show a mind growth spurt during this period by having a special connection with their favourite toys or objects


Motor Skills

  • Stands properly with support
  • Maybe able to walk with support
  • Can sit down on his/her own and without support
  • Tries to stand by pulling
  • Starts proper crawling
  • Moves things smoothly from one hand to another


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Comments (5)

BhawnAjay Khurana

she sit properly  without any support but not at her own,not crawling  wat should i do??


BhawnAjay Khurana give her floor time..put toys in front of her which attract her attention...make her stand with support...

Sumira Bhatia

BhawnAjay Khurana do what tanuja suggested . .also don't worry every baby is different and may reach a milestone on their own time . . Don't worry !

Salma Siraj

Nothing to worry massage daily to ur baby

Pallavi Chinchalkar

Can i use breast pump in night? Or when i m sleep that time use pump or not?

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