8 Months Baby: Physical Milestones


Most babies show a mind growth spurt during this period by having a special connection with their favourite toys or objects


Motor Skills

  • Stands properly with support
  • Maybe able to walk with support
  • Can sit down on his/her own and without support
  • Tries to stand by pulling
  • Starts proper crawling
  • Moves things smoothly from one hand to another


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Comments (8)

BhawnAjay Khurana

she sit properly  without any support but not at her own,not crawling  wat should i do??


BhawnAjay Khurana give her floor time..put toys in front of her which attract her attention...make her stand with support...

Sumira Bhatia

BhawnAjay Khurana do what tanuja suggested . .also don't worry every baby is different and may reach a milestone on their own time . . Don't worry !

Salma Siraj

Nothing to worry massage daily to ur baby

Pallavi Chinchalkar

Can i use breast pump in night? Or when i m sleep that time use pump or not?

Rachana Sharma

My baby just started 8th month.he doesnt sit on his own.we make him sit n stand.he falls down in seconds after sitting n the main thing he doesnt crawl.

Swapna Mahanth

Rachana Sharma even my baby will complete 7 months by next 5days he is not yet crawling n same he is not sitting not standing. Dont worry let him take time give some floor times and put some toys in front of him so that he will try to reach them

Manisha Sharma

My daughter doing all these things. Even she is gonna mad about her crawling and standing up with support.

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