37 Weeks Pregnant: Physical And Emotional Changes

37 Weeks Pregnant: Physical And Emotional Changes

Physical Development

People might tell you that you look like you’re going to ‘pop’ anytime now. This just means that you’re probably looking fully pregnant and ready to deliver. Just continue to do your prenatal exercises without fail so that you deliver with ease.

Emotional Changes

You might want to deliver your baby on a specific date for personal or auspicious reasons. This might not be the best idea as it is essential for your baby to be completely ready. Once ready, your baby will herself/himself initiate labor and support the birth process.

It is important that you read up on postnatal depression. A lot of mothers suffer from this condition, which arises as a result of hormones and psychological changes post delivery. Most mums do not even realise that they’re suffering. If left unattended, postnatal depression could lead to devastating consequences.


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