6 Months Baby: Perception, Social Response And Speech Development

6 Months Baby: Perception, Social Response And Speech Development

Perception and Social Response

  • Her hearing is now more sensitive. If piece of paper is crumpled near her ear, out of her sight, she will turn her head towards the sound.
  • She smiles when she sees her own reflection in a mirror.
  • She is now likely to become very conscious and wary of strangers. Between 3 to 6 months, she starts becoming aware of strangers. She may not respond to their overtures, or may even start crying as soon as she sees them. Consequently, she expects her parents, especially her mother, to be around. At times, the mother may feel that the baby is taking advantage of her goodness. But indulge her! The care that you give her at this age will stand her in good stead later in life. She will start trusting people, will cherish your care and in turn, learn to care lovingly for others.



  • She may now try to join a few syllables and say da-da or may use them separately as 'ma', 'goo' or 'da'.


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