Planning a Summer Holiday? Don’t Miss These Tips

Planning a Summer Holiday? Don’t Miss These Tips

 Summer holidays are never the same after you have kids. Packing and planning a summer vacation is a monumental task, so to say the least. As a new mum, I would break into a sweat a few days before our holiday and go through the packing list several times. Now, several holidays later, I  have learnt to relax and prepare better. If you are anxious at the thought of a holiday this summer, just take a deep breath. From where to holiday to what to pack, here are some tips that can help you breeze through.


Choosing the right location️

Where you holiday becomes extremely important when travelling with kids. Your location of choice needs to have something for everyone to look forward to. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you choose your vacation spot:

  • Since it is the middle of summer, hill stations become an obvious choice as holiday locations. But remember, hill stations could get extremely crowded during this time. If packed places are not your thing, you could plan to holiday at a lesser-known place near the city of interest. For example, instead of Shimla, try visiting Kandaghat for a similar experience but with thinner crowds.
  • If you want to visit a beach spot this summer, then make sure the hotel or resort that you pick has amenities like an indoor play area. That way, you can keep your kids busy in the hot afternoons.
  • Ask the resort/hotel of choice if there are any water problems in the area beforehand. Beach locales often have water shortage in summer.
  • Avoid planning a route that involves too much of road travel. Travelling for long distances or through the ghats in the hot sun could make your child and you, fall sick easily. Opt for train journeys instead if possible, or a relaxed trip where you don’t need to hop from place to place often.
  • If you’re planning an international trip with babies or toddlers in tow, chart out an itinerary that does not need you to wake up at ungodly hours and dart from place to place. There’s nothing worse than tagging along a cranky child on holiday.  


What to pack

  • When it comes to packing for a vacation, I believe in the statement, “Well packed is half done.” This doesn’t mean carrying half the house along, it means packing smart. Here’s a summer holiday packing checklist for you to refer:
  • When you are packing clothes pack them rolled up as a set. So if a t-shirt and a pair of shorts go together, roll them and place them together. This way they occupy lesser space and are quick to retrieve.
  • Pack extra diapers. You never know if you get your brand when travelling.
  • Carry small ziplocks full of toddler’s favourite nibbles, nuts and dried fruits along so that snacking is not a problem. Whenever you pass any market in your holiday destination, buy fresh fruit.
  • When my son was a baby, the greatest purchase I made was a mini electric cooker. I would carry it along every time I travelled, and would add to it raw rice, dal and a few local veggies. Using a feeding spoon, I would mash the food. Voila! My baby’s meal was done.
  • Baby bottles, cleaning brushes, cleaning liquid, formula and a hot water flask is a must if your baby is bottle fed. You don’t need to carry along your sterilizer. Just carry a big, microwavable plastic bowl, add boiling water to it and soak the bottles in for a good ten minutes.
  • Since you will be travelling in the summer, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a child-friendly lip cream (dry air can cause chapped lips), insect repellent, ear drops (visits to the pool could cause an earache) and all of your child’s medicines along with first aid and toiletries.
  • What you pack in your diaper bag is also important. An extra set (or two) of clothes for both you (what if you get puke on you?) and your child, wet wipes, biscuits or nibbles, some simple toys and games (not too many), fresh water and a hand sanitizer are a must.
  • If you are travelling to a beach location, pack light, cotton clothes, hats, flip-flops and extra footwear. If your holiday destination will be cold, don’t forget to pack jackets, sweaters, woolen hats, socks and mittens (for babies).


What’s most important is that you don’t sweat the small stuff when on vacation. Schedules, eating habits and tantrums could go beyond your control. When it happens, just relax, go with the flow and enjoy your vacation.


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