A Corporate Dressing Guide For When You Are Pregnant And Working!

A Corporate Dressing Guide For When You Are Pregnant And Working!

Congratulations! You have gotten into the stage where gaining weight will actually make you happy. During this phase of life, you will be able to eat anything and everything with pretty much no guilt at all. However, one thing that may bother you is you office maternity dressing especially when your bump begins to ‘show’. Not everyone is comfortable letting the word out, but your clothing choices can often spill the beans before you’d like to.

Trust your maternity best friend Babychakra to come to your rescue and share some quick and easy maternity office wear ideas to help you dress your baby bump for the boardroom...



The first Trimester

The first step would be to screen your wardrobe and pack all clothes that fit snug or have no room for that teeny weeny baby bulge. Put them in a suitcase and bid them a goodbye, until you see them again.

Your comfort fit tops and those loose pants that you haven’t worn since you lost weight might come to your rescue. Invest in some Empire waists as they will soon be your go to option - at this stage and for most of the time to come.

Wear anything that feels roomy on the waist if you are not too enthu about  sharing the news yet (pray that your frequent puking does not announce it for you)



The Second Trimester

This is when you would probably need to buy a shirt or two and upgrade your wardrobe with ‘maternity wear’. Some may still be able to wear their regular pants and skirts, with the first button undone.

If that’s not you, a simple trick can save a buck or two - loop a rubber-band through the buttonhole and then wrap it around the button to make your current bottom-wear more roomy and save yourself the misery of shopping at this stage.

You can hide the fix by wearing tunic tops or blouson style tops that will soon become your best friends. By now your heels will have become uncomfortable, so do befriend your comfortable flats already, they are going to be your companion for quite some time to come.



Final Trimester

Wibbly wobbly penguin – that’s pretty much how your gait will feel. Most women experience a change of size in their footwear and their bra sizes, so if you are buying new ones, do keep that in mind. By now the announcements are made (by the baby themselves with the conspicuous bump). Check with your office if some comfortable and not-so-formal wear can be accommodated for you. If not, Indian markets are now flooded with maternity formal pants and skirts that have an elastic band that stretches up to the top of the stomach for enough support. Do not shy away or feel embarrassed about owning ‘just a few pairs’ because everyone knows that these sets ought to be limited as you will wear them for just a short while.


Being an expecting mom is a wonderful phase, capture these moments with a Maternity Photshoot and sign up for Prenatal Birthing Classes  to be a fit mom-to-be



Wearing tunic shirts, and A-line tops will make it less conspicuous. Prefer the usage of non-clingy materials like cotton.

Adding a Jacket or a coat can also shift the focus of the onlooker and also make you seem more formally dressed.

It is also a good idea to use some hand-me-downs from friends who have just completed their third trimester, or buy pre-loved dresses from several sites and facebook groups available.

You may want to consider Momzjoy maternity wear that empowers expecting and new mothers to feel happy,beautiful and confident.




Buy multiple coloured tops that go along with almost all the bottoms you have bought, so they mix and match to give you a new look everyday.

This is also the time where you can wear clothing with fun pregnancy quotes, just so ‘everyone knows’.



Apart from western formals, Indian kurtis and leggings are every pregnant woman’s favourite – cotton palazzos are evergreen outfits and can be conveniently altered once the maternity phase is over. Pregnancy is a mix of dull and fun moments, let your dressing flaunt the fun moments for sure!

Happy Days Ahead Moma, Keep going! And if you have anything to add, do tell us in the comment section below.

You may want to consider Momzjoy maternity wear that empowers expecting and new mothers to feel happy,beautiful and confident.


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