Pregnancy Week 4: Baby Growth

Your baby is now an embryo around 1mm long, only the size of a little poppy seed. This phase of your pregnancy is the most critical period of development and lasts for about 10 weeks. Your baby’s organs are beginning to develop and some will even start to function. The stage where your baby’s precious body is taking form - sigh!

The amniotic sac (the nest that will hold your baby safe) is now formed and filled with liquid. This cushions your baby and keeps them protected from the world’s external forces.

Your baby’s nervous system (their brain and spine) will start to develop during this week, so make sure you are taking folic acid supplements to prevent spinal cord defects. After all, you want to lay a strong foundation for your child's life ahead!



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This is just in time

Swara Patil

amazing feeling...about new life


Whch fruit or vegetable would contain folic acid


whch fruit or vegatable contains more folic acid


Till which week can folic acid intake help prevent defects?

Rinu Marwa

i can undrstand many

Rinu Marwa

i can undrstand many

Dharma pal kumar

bhut accha hai




beans and others have good folic acid

Hanna Mehdi

I wish I knew this before

Alaga Monsurat

Am a month old pregant,bt my period gives me sign as if is coming and it never comes,hope my baby is safe


very helpful. thanks


Which fruit and food contains more folic acid

Adnan Pervaiz

4 weeks pregnant

Ogor Francis

Which food, fruit and vegetable contain folic acid


4 weeks pregnant


This is so well written.

Pooja Kapil Tiwari

I'm 4 weeks pregnant & still MERI bleeding band nhi hui h... I'm taking full bed rest & time to time pills.... I'm afraid that baby is ok or not

Trupti Chavan

I m 4 week pregnant. I had done Sonography day before yesterday but Dr is saying that baby is still not visible. And still I am suffering from little bit of brown discharge daily. Is there any problem. Plz suggest me.

Anu hari

This is my 4th week. Still I am having little crumbs in my abdomen. Hope no problem. Suggest something

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