Pregnancy Week 4: Signs And Symptoms

Your breasts might become increasingly tender and your sense of smell may now be elevated. Some women start feeling nauseous with certain foul odours and this increases as pregnancy progresses. Morning sickness usually doesn't start for a few weeks for most women, but you may feel queasy earlier.

If you're feeling more tired than usual, make sure to take rest so you don't overexert yourself - remember that you're body is working hard to make another human being!



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Pregnancy Week By Week

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Quite helpful

This is just in time

I am 5 week pregnant n dark red spot is seen today wid pain in legs only..please tell

exactly my symptoms

Just in time :)

I m conselt about my pregnancy test she told me weak positive test and I have lower abdomen cramp what to do

My periods 37 days later. But hcg test was negative. My cycle 31 days. What to do.

I have consult my doctor.... She said to do beta hcg blood test....And its negative only 4.55 % but M not getting my periods what to do

This is so well written.

I took test on day 33 it was earlier but still i got; positive result is that is crt

Is very weakly pregnancy sustain?

This is just in time

Exactly the same

Helpful... Thnkuu

Pls am feeling pain at my back,and tireness,my nipple's is also paining me pls wat should i do

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