Pregnancy Week 6: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 6: Baby Growth

Your baby is now about a quarter of an inch long, only the size of a lentil! Your baby's nose, mouth, and ears are taking shape, and tiny dental buds are growing in the jaw. A little head, brain and torso (the central part of the body made up of the chest, back and abdomen) has formed. The arms and legs are starting to protrude, which have already grown webbed hands and feet - like little flippers!

This week also marks the start of a beautiful phase - when your baby’s heart starts to beat! The circulation system comes to life and you should be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler (a form of ultrasound scan) during your next doctor’s visit.

Did You Know?

A developing baby’s heart beats at 100 to 160 beats a minute! This is twice the adult heart rate. Boy, isn’t that fast?


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