Pregnancy Week 6: Physical Changes

Your uterus has now grown to the size of a plum, but your baby bump is still far from showing. Even though the baby is moving around inside you, the movements are tiny and gentle so you won’t be able to feel anything just yet. All in good time!


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Comments (14)


I wish I knew this before

Shweta Gudino

I'm very happy

Shraddha Sharma

In my view...


Waiting to feel the baby😍

Gurpreet Khanna

Feeling lazy .....


Waiting to feel d baby :)


Waiting to feel that feeling 😊

Rimjhim Khandelwal

I am 6th week pregnant only though i can feel baby tiny movement's inside. And can feel where the baby is. Is that possible??


Eagerly waiting for this feeling😊

renu kalia

read to karne do

Anshu Tripathi

My wife completed 7weeks today. Her IBG rubella report shown 253 and positive. Rest all reports ok. Haemoglobin is 12.8. Is there any reason to worry?

Zinia Basu Dey Sarkar

Eagerly waiting for baby bump but one toughest thing is constipation..dr.told me not to pressurize..and now i am getting scary..if there is any problem to my baby...

Neeta Acharya

I am getting abdomen pain can anyone tell me the reason

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