Pregnancy Week 6: Emotional Changes

Your mood swings during this stage are on a rollercoaster and you might suddenly feel overwhelmed with the thought of becoming a parent. If you are indeed feeling apprehensive, you can always turn to other moms-to-be or moms who have gone through it all on BabyChakra for advice. Sharing and talking out your worries will surely put your mind at ease. It always helps to know that you are not alone!



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This is so well written.

Saima Shaikh

I feel comfort in this app

Rachana Patil

This is just in time

Rachana Patil

This is just in time

Ashu Aggarwal

Sounds like so much fun.

Ashu Aggarwal

This is so well written.

Gopika Wadhwa

yes.. actually i felt.. hw will i manage dis type of freling ??


7 weeks pregnent


This is exactly what I was looking for.


Yes this happens a lot overcome this I listen music, call my frienz my hubby or paint.... something that makes me feel happy..😊

Kiran Srivastava

Hello der ppl.. I am feeling lazy. Dont feel like working.

Zinia Basu Dey Sarkar

Every time i want to eat something different but when the food is served I cant eat those stuffs...I am getting so confused abt my choice..?!?

Shridevi Pramod Mulgundmath

I dont have strong nauasea, only ocassional it wil be, is it fine or need to worry

Jigna Ganatra

I can relate to this because

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