Pregnancy Week 6: Risks And Red Flags

If your gynaecologist detects a low lying placenta or multiple pregnancies in your ultrasound, they might advise you to take it a little easy in the first few weeks. This is so that you tide over the critical period of pregnancy safely. Don’t forget to discuss your problems in depth with your doctor. This is crucial for your treatment to go in the right direction.



Pregnancy Week By Week

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sunanda kumari

This is just in time

kriti dhanotiya

Hello i am 6 week pregnant. Today i am troubling from acidity and nausea..what i do to feel better.


Hello i am 7 week pregnant. Today i am troubling from acidity what i do to feel better.

Anjali Sharma

U may consult ur doctor and can hv doxinate. Its a safe medicine to treat nausea. But before taking ny medicine talk to ur doctor

Monica kasvi

I am also taking doxinate

Bindu Saini

Help....I m 6th week pregnant...suffering from constipation

Chandralekha Pradhan

26 week preganet


I am 6th week pregnant..I am suffering from constipation.

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