Pregnancy Week 7: Signs And Symptoms

This week nausea strikes and will probably be at its peak! In most cases it settles in the next six to eight weeks. While a few expecting moms feel nauseous all through the nine months, there are some who do not experience any nausea at all!

Another important symptom is frequent visits to the washroom, thanks to the increase in your blood volume and the extra fluid being processed through your kidneys. Remember, peeing more than usual is no reason to reduce your fluid intake! Make sure you keep yourself hydrated as it aids digestion and maintains amniotic fluid levels.

Try sipping on fresh lime juice, chaas or coconut water to increase your nutrient intake as well.


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Comments (33)

Kritika Lall

This is just in time

Kritika Lall

completely true..i am finally feeling little nausea vomiting yet though..

Manisha Jain

This is so well written.

Rupali Kemse

Hmm I am having nausea of vomitting

Sheetal Rahul Chaturwedi

I am having vomiting n mood sweing and morning sickness

ambalika verma

m actually feeling The same

Madhuri Kasaraneni

I am feeling nausea and vomiting


Yes started feeling nausea..from my 7tg week

Priya Ambre

I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before


Thanks for sharing essential information..I will keep myself hydrated as much as I can.


I am not feeling any nausea till date

sonia dhiman

M feeling nausea more in evening. Feeling like vomiting..But no vomiting yet though. Feelings watering in my mouth. I can't take my dinner.. Suggest what to do.


I m feeling nausea

akshita saraswat

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I do feel nauseas at certain times during the day. Sometimes I also experience heaviness in the chest area.


I am 6 weeks pregnant i don't have morning sickness or any nausea


Thanks for sharing this. I got ans to my query which i was abt to post !!

Sujata Gunjal

So good written and in time


am 7 weeks pregnant.i am having nausea and vomiting. i can't take take my food correctly

haripriya karanam

Its helpful to me

haripriya karanam

How to overcome this feelings please suggest any precautions


useful post


Am having very dullness nd not interested to eat what's d remedy for that

Anupama Bani

I will nauseatic only in the morning and evening when I travel to work and back.

Dhaduk Niru

This is so well written.


I just feel hungry all the time. No nausea or running to the loo. Is everything going ok? I’m in my 7th week.

Mamta Dubey

I feel more saliva than usual


M having headache and vomit also.. Is this good or not

Pavleen Kaur

No nausea or vomiting or frequent urination..but I do feel heaviness in evening..I hope everything well with my pregnancy

su guller

Not feeling any nausea and I am 6+4

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