Pregnancy Week 7: Emotional Changes

You might constantly feel apprehensive about your baby’s growth until your next scan. It’s natural to be worried but don’t be too anxious! It’s important for you to relax if you want a happy pregnancy. Assure yourself and your growing baby that everything is fine!


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Rachana Patil

I wish I knew this before


Yeeeh so true....


This is just in time

Ashu Aggarwal

This is so well written.


I wish I knew this before


Same feeling


This is exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks. As I'm going through the same.


So true.. am so anxious.. just can't think about anything else..

DrTasheen Haque

I really needed this. Thanks


So true

Samina Aliasger Patanwals

Ohk its Natural fn M worried abt it

dr anu

Yeah thx trur

Anupama Bani

really needed this peice of advice

Janani Sridhar

😃 good info

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