Pregnancy Week 7: Risks And Red Flags

If you experience bleeding or spotting, pain in the lower abdomen, or fever, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. Prepare for your appointment with the doctor by writing all your questions down. Speak up and ask the doctor about anything that you're worried about. It doesn't matter if it seems insignificant - it's your right to ask!

Further, at any point during pregnancy, never resort to self medication as this may have adverse effects on your growing baby. Check with your doctor before you take any kind of medication, especially over-the-counter pills and syrups.



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Hi am chandrakala i have pregnancy with 48 days......but i have too much of cough i cant to bare it.... Already consulted Doctor and took tablets and syrup but no use...... Can u suggest me any other treatment

Take steam two times in a day

Ajavayan ko tawa pe garm Krke kapde me bind karke smell kare definitely both treatment is gud

Hi I m 7 weeks pregnant n I m suffering from fungal infections on my thighs ,under the breast area and in underarms...plzz suggest some remedies so that I can get rid of it as earlier as possible....itching is at its worst condition

I am 7 weeks pregnant and was hospitalised for two days as I got bleeding on thursday it was not spotting but a lot more it stopped in 12 hrs of hospitalisation - have been put on medications now and asked for 1 month of no travel till I complete 3 months. Please share your inputs or of any of you have experienced it( hoping no one has to go through this trauma)

I am 7 weeks pregnant .. I have lower abdomen pain and back pain from the beginning when my period skipped. Last week I came to know I'm pregnant and doctor given me injection for lower abdomen pain .. but I'm still suffering from little pain .. next week I have appointment with my doctor; .. is it normal that the pain lasts for few days

Hi.anon ..I am also 7 weeks pregnant and experienced same problem..spotting

GM I am now 8 week pregnant, and I feel I have a pain in lower abdomen.. do I need to go for lowers abdomen USG and what all precautions I should take..

Hlo! I am 7 week pregnant and I have constipation. What can I do! I'm really disturbed for this

This is just in time

Hi all. Quick question on my pregnancy, I’m 7weeks pregnant now last week had a general scan at 6weeks found baby sack and fetal cardiac activity. Right after my scan the next day started spotting pink and brown almost spotting everyday
since,then. I freaked out first time looking at it, called the doctor immediately I was suggested to take Susten 200mg orally everyday. My worry is I’m still spotting it’s almost over a week now. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

Hi. ..
I have pregnancy with 7 weeks. Bleeding and blod spoting conutious appare??can you suggest me, the risk factors, and treatment?

I am 7 week pregnant and in ultrasound fhr is 65bpm it is very low can anybody tell is there any chances of increasing

Hi am 7 weeks pregnant muje 6th week m todi todi bleeding hui to doctor ne injection or complete bed rest kha krne ko ab 7th week m muje fr se drown colour ki spotting hui plz help me m kya kru

Hi m puchna chati hu mene kl ultrasound kraya aur usme m 7week 4days fetal measurement tha bt koi heartbeat nhi rhe h ki mjhe abortion kra dena chaiye bt mjhe abhi tk koi bleeding bhi m kya kru?

Thodi thodi spotting Hui to koie darr ne ki baat nahi ....lekin pate dard jyada aur bleeding bhi jyada ho to darr ne ki baat hai ...kyun ke Mera isi tarha miscarrieg ho Chuka hai FEB 11th ko .....iam very sad .....plzz pray for my next pregnancy come soon .....inshallah

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