Pregnancy Week 8: Emotional Changes

We understand if you are curious about your baby’s gender but the genitals are yet to develop externally. At this stage, even an ultrasound cannot ascertain if your baby is a girl or a boy. At Week 8 you may still not feel your little one's dance moves, but they're happening. It is absolutely fine to want to see and touch your baby, but like everything good, you'll have to wait for the D-Day!



Pregnancy Week By Week

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Shabnam Khan

M 9 weeks pregnant with Twins...
Der r two problems of mine...
M staying on second floor (without lift) which has 42 steps n i hv to clim dem twice a day coz m working..... and also i ride scooter to go for work for 2kms.....
Is it fine..... or der is any problem in dis...????


Hi shabnam,
First of all congrtas for twin
Even I want twin but it's 1baby only
I am also 8 week pregnant
My doc advise me to drink plenty of water before ride a shooter

Shabnam Khan

Ok Thank You Rima

Noorjahan Md.Hanif Dalwai

feeling so good to know dis

Swati Baghla

Is it necessary that symptoms of pregancy changes according to sex of d baby

Saleha Shaan Belim

I think u should climb as least as poss....or shift to other place.....

Saleha Shaan Belim

Mee too wanted twins yar...desperately.......but it's single

Zinia Basu Dey Sarkar

This is just in time

Sherlin Sathish

Congrats shabnam...i too expected twins but only 1 kid

Akuba Mackay

Am so happy to hear because was worried about that

Megha Sharma

Hi congrats Shabnam. Even m 8 weeks pregnant with twins.


M 8 week

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