Pregnancy Week 10: Signs And Symptoms

While morning sickness and nausea are still around, they should subside over the next two weeks. Bloating, tender breasts and frequent urination will, however, continue. You might also experience increased levels of vaginal discharge.

Ideally, you must gain 1-2 kgs in the first trimester if you have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI value between 18.5 to 24.9). If you have severe morning sickness or aversion to certain foods, you may not gain any weight at all, or it’s also possible that you lose weight instead. Don’t worry - as long as the baby is developing well, she or he is absorbing enough nutrients from your reserves through the placenta.

Like with anything, it is best to contact your doctor if you have any concerns.



Pregnancy Week By Week

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Zaveria Zuha

I wish I knew this before

Chetna Singh

This is so well written.

Pallavi Raaj

This is so well written.

Mrudula Raghavarapu

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on!

surbhi Patni

I am in week 10 of my pregnancy. Lower end of stomach keeps paining on and off throughout the day !
Is this normal ?


I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before


Tells me how..


Mera placenta neeche h or heamoglobin bhi kam h or weight gain nhi ho rha

Sagar Saraswat

This is just in time

Paramita Das

10months baby


Hi .. i am 10 weeks pregnant . Is it okay if mu breasts started leaking from 10th week ?

Temilope Marian

Wow! This is amazing thanks for this

Temilope Marian

This is so well written.

Altaf Hussain

peru me dard or pet me dard hota hai

Anshu Gupta

Im 10 weeks pregnant .I hv brown discharge for 3 days .with sticky brown material .im worried .plz help .doc advised rest and ultrasound after 6 days

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