Pregnancy Week 10: Risks And Red Flags

At this stage, do not hold urine for long, as it can lead to urinary tract infections (UTI). Pregnancy can make you prone to UTIs as you have high levels of progesterone in your blood.

Avoid public toilets where you are unable to squat. The increased vaginal discharge makes your vagina more prone to infections. To maintain hygiene, use panty liners and change them frequently to stay fresh throughout the day.


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Right time right information thanku

Oh god i already got uti

This is so well written.

This is just in time

I wish I knew this before

Thnk u so much.... i had a bad habbit to hold urine

I am suffering urine infection.what I do?

gurjinder kaur can u please ask question on feed as well.

Is Duphastone tablet safe during pregnancy

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