Pregnancy Week 10: Activity

Pregnancy Week 10: Activity

Buy new underwear

As your breasts grow more and more each day, it's time to consider buying maternity bras and undies - any excuse for a shopping trip! It's best to go to an actual store rather than buy online so that a sales associate can assist with proper sizing. The most important thing is to be comfortable so look for good support and extra room to expand. Your breasts may continue swelling over the course of your pregnancy so keep that in mind - you may have to come back and buy even bigger bras!

You may not feel like you need other maternity clothes right now, but your regular clothes will probably start to feel uncomfortably tight around your midsection. In this in-between stage, wear loose trousers, skirts and dresses with low waistlines that sit below your belly or those with forgiving elastic waistbands.


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