10 Simple Desk Exercises For Working Moms-to-be

10 Simple Desk Exercises For Working Moms-to-be

There’s no doubt that fitness during pregnancy is of extreme importance. However, expecting moms who are also working may find it difficult to accommodate workouts in their busy schedules. The good news however is that you can do some light and simple prenatal exercises sitting right at your desk!


TIP: Remember to breathe normally throughout these exercises. Do not hold your breath at any time.

Repeat each exercise 2 to 3 times increasing as you get stronger. Slowly increase the counts for each exercise to 16 counts.


Neck rolls

Slowly bring your neck to the right shoulder, hold for 20 – 30 seconds, slowly roll the neck towards your left shoulder.  Repeat this exercise twice or thrice. This will help release any tension in your neck especially if you  have desk job.


Shoulder rotations

Lift your shoulders and slowly rotate clockwise for 8  counts and then anti clockwise for 8 counts.


Shoulder shrugs

Inhale deeply and shrug your shoulders, lifting them high up all the way to your ears. Hold. Release and drop. Repeat three times. This stretch helps to release the neck and shoulders.


Arm rotations

Raise your arms, keep your palms flexed and slowly rotate for  eight counts clockwise and eight counts anti clockwise. Repeat three times.


Wrist rotations

Raise your arms in front, slowly rotate your fists for eight counts clockwise and eight counts anti clockwise. Repeat three times.


Upper body twist

Inhale, lift your arms up and as you exhale, turn to the right and hold the back of your chair with your right hand, and hold the arm of the chair with your left. Use your grasp on the chair to help twist your upper body around as far to the back of the room as possible. Hold the twist for 8 to 16 counts. 


Ankle rotations

Point your toes and slowly rotate your ankles clockwise for 8 counts and then anti clockwise for 8 counts.


Chest stretch

Sit straight with both your hands behind your back, clasp your hands and slowly lift them upwards until you feel a stretch in your chest muscles.


Upper back stretch

Lower your head during the stretch so that your chin is close to your chest. Clasp your hands in front of you so that you feel the stretch in your upper back.


Upper body stretch

Inhale lift your arms up elongating your spine, interlock your fingers, gently tilt your head back looking up at the ceiling. Hold the stretch for up to 16 counts and slowly release.  


Point your toes

Point and flex your feet 8 to 16 times.


Side stretch with wide sitting squat

Sit in a wide squat with feet firmly on the floor. Slowly bend to your right side stretching your left arm over your head. Hold for 8 to 16 counts. Come back to the centre. Repeat on the left side.


Leg raises

Hold the armrest of your chair, lift your legs up and down alternately for 8 to 16 counts. Now lift both legs up till they are parallel to the floor, point and flex your feet for up to 16 counts. Repeat.  


Pelvic floor / Kegel Exercises

Slowly exhale and tighten your pelvic floor muscles (these are the ones that stop urination midstream). Hold for a count of eight to ten and then release. Repeat ten to twenty times. 

Remember your chair needs to be sturdy to do these exercises.

These exercises will help you stay comfortable and active throughout your pregnancy.


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