Pregnancy Week 11: Signs And Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 11: Signs And Symptoms

By Week 11, you are now at the peak of your first trimester. Your baby is going to have a major growth spurt in the next 3 weeks and will soon double in size. The feeling of nausea and sickness may ebb as you progress towards trimester two. For some women however, nausea continues.

Unfortunately, some of you may also be suffering from constipation and heartburn all caused by hormonal changes, Don't worry if you have not been able to consume a variety of healthy foods, or if you haven't put on much weight yet (if you started at a healthy pre-pregnancy weight, experts recommend that you gain 1 to 5 pounds during the first trimester). Your appetite will likely return soon, and you'll start to gain about a pound a week.

Are you wondering about things like; if you should continue those dance classes? Or if over-the-counter medicines are safe? Its best to get your doubts cleared with your gynaecologist. While worries may keep you busy, some of you may experience an increase in sex drive (thanks to the hormones again!). As energy levels begin to stabalise this week, its a good time to enrol for prenatal classes.Try and get father-to-be to particpate as well, this will help him connect with the baby.


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