Pregnancy Week 11: Physical Development

Even if you haven’t still gained any weight around the tummy, you may have begun to experience backache. This could be because of bad posture, so, time to focus sitting right! Remember to sit erect with your shoulders pushed back and chest a little forward and keep the head straight too.

Your grandmother might tell you, they mopped floors and used stone grinders during pregnancy as part of pregnancy exercise. You might not want to try any of those but do join a prenatal exercise class to be better prepared for birthing. These classes will keep you active during pregnancy and help you work out safely under supervision. They’re also a great place to meet other mums-to-be.

DID YOU KNOW? Some women crave nonfood substances like mud, chalk, dirt, charcoal even sand. As gross as it sounds, it happens because of iron or mineral deficiencies.



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