Pregnancy Week 11: Emotional Changes

Your partner and you need not abstain from physical intimacy. You won’t harm the baby. Try different lovemaking positions as it is not advisable to put pressure on your growing abdomen. Consider the side lying position or the woman on top position, whatever makes you feel comfortable. This a great time to get creative!

Make sure you ask your doctor, if you have doubts regarding sex during pregnancy. If you have a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to avoid sex till you step into the second trimester. Till then, you and and your partner can it alive with hugs, kisses and cuddles.



Pregnancy Week By Week

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misba khan

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Priyanka Jain

This is so well written.

Srishti Mishra

Thanks for the article. Much needed.

Yasmin Islam Akhi

Sounds like so much fun.


My breast are less tender and peeing is reduced.. I am feeling something 11 week running.. my sonography is after 5 days. Do I check today with doctor that everything is ok or not. Worrying .. pls suggest

Khushboo Kashyap

Richa ..... Even I am experiencing the same..... Breast are less tender and less frequent peeing.... Even I am at my 11th week.... Be positive dear...


Thanks khushboo, my check up has been done.. all well 😊

Nimmi rathore

Well written n most required article for a women

Anvita Rai

This is so well written.

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