Pregnancy Week 12: Physical Development

Very soon, you will start sporting a noticeable bump as the uterus shifts above the pelvic bone, giving the baby more room to grow. Your waist may be thickening and your doctor may be able to feel the top of the uterus, called the fundus, low in your abdomen.

If you still haven’t said goodbye to your high heels and tight-fitting clothes, now is the right time. Adopt ‘comfy chic’ as your new fashion mantra! You will be much more comfortable and be thankful for your less restrictive, loose clothing!



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Vijay Sharma

Y?? M so veek??

Rashmi Ranjan

I wish I knew this before

dhanita james

This is just in time

Bhanu Beri

When is very soon ?

Sakshi verma

This is so well written.


Doctor telng from my 1st trimester ultrasound, I have a septum(i.e my uterus shape is slightly inward); bt before pragnency ultrasound was showing I have normal uterus.... Hws this?

jaseena Ghouse basha

I wish I knew this before

Vinutha Manas

Am finding very difficult to drink water and milk curd.. I feel very much nauseous pls help

Vijeta Tokas

This is just in time

Dodona Potshangbam

This is so well written.

Rohini Yadav

Sounds like so much fun.

Varsha Pandey

My breasts became heavy difficult to wear inner clothes

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