Pregnancy Week 13: Physical Development

By now, you surely have a small yet distinctive bump as your uterus continues to expand. If you wish, you can still hide your pregnancy by wearing those flowy clothes. Time for all those A-line dresses to make an appearance!

As your baby gets bigger, the extra weight may put a strain your back and pelvis. simple pregnancy exercises at home or at work will help you to strengthen and protect these areas. Try to find a few minutes each day to do them. At the end of this week, you'll have completed your first trimester. This means that those early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness and sore breasts, will soon start to ease off.


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Tells me how changes come

Which exercise i can do

Which exercise can be done I am 13weeks pregnant

Which exercise I can do ? Just entered second trimester 😊

Hi oll. I got my ogtt done yesterday. As per reports my fasting blood sugar level is 96, after 1 hr it is 126 and after 2 hrs it is 83. I ve consulted 2 docs. One is saying I m diabetic and prescribed me metmorphin 1gm while another one is saying I m non diabetic n need no medication. Highly confused. What to do. Pls provide ur valuable suggestions and experiences frnds. Thanks

Which exercise i can do.....? I m 13 weeks pregnant

I m 13 wk pregnent, past 3 day i m suffering in cold cough , and vomiting...i m feeling very weak. Can u please tell me is this effect in my baby.?

This is just in time

Anybody gone through NT scan ?

Yes i gone through NT SCAN in my 12 weeks!!

Yes even I gone through NT scan now entered 13 weeks

Yes even i gone through today only enterd 13 weeks

Tell the suitable exercise I can do

Sounds like so much fun.

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