Pregnancy Week 14: Emotional Changes

You are probably wanting to hear your baby’s heartbeat again and again - we don't blame you for wanting to feel more connected to the little life growing inside you!

There are many apps like "My Baby's Beat" now available that claim to let you hear your baby’s heartbeat through your smart phone and even make recordings of the beats. Don't get too excited though - their accuracy has not yet been proven and they are not as sensitive as the Doppler. If you do decide to use these apps, remember not to panic if you are not able to locate the heartbeat and always seek professional help if you are in doubt. 


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This is just in time

Which apps .??

This is just in time

Which apps pls tell fast

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Which app should I try?

Kindly name the apps

Which app??

Which app??

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Name of apps??

App suggestions please

please tell the name of app

Post have already mentioned the app name " my baby's beat"

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