Raising An ‘Environment-Friendly’ Child

Raising An ‘Environment-Friendly’ Child

In the light of World Environment Day - today we think is a good day to discuss; how you can sensitize your child towards the environment. Especially since our environment at this point is under a grave threat – which means, so are we!

Primary cause of environmental depletion is our unbridled desire to buy and own things. Even the things we don’t really need. Our psyche is so driven by consumerism that our entire life seems to be centred around what we buy and consume. This escalates even more when a woman gets pregnant and gives birth.

Once the child comes, parents feel an inherent need to provide comfort. Which they tend to think, comes with buying things, whether they need it or not! With which the clutter starts to build up. What parents don’t see is the harm that this clutter causes the environment.

Parents are constantly worried about their kid’s future and while everyone is aware of the climate change and global warming, no one steps up to do anything about it! Even if this this were our darkest hour, as far as our concern for nature is concerned – our children are our only hope. We can turn this hour into our finest, if we inculcate the right habits in our kids. Our kids can be the saviours of the environment but only if we teach them right. And those teachings begin at home.

Parents must lead. If from a young age itself, kids are taught – to think green, to make decisions in a way that takes into account the health of the environment – then it is more likely that they will grow into environmentally-conscious adults.


Here are some easy steps to help you raise an environment friendly child

1. Kids learn what they see

Ensure that you practise green habits, reduce the use of plastic and practice a low-waste lifestyle.


2. Let kids get close to nature

Don’t over protect your child by not letting them  out of the air conditioned environment. Let them learn to handle elements of nature.  


3. Waste not, want not  

Inculcate a habit of low waste lifestyle. Rationalise every demand and curb unnecessary and impulse purchases.


4. Go easy on the gifts

Stop the mindless gifting culture. Create more meaningful gifts such as plants, healthy food items or even a donation to a charity.


5. Create a culture of conservation

Be mindful of your actions. Say yes to reducing / reusing and recycling


6. Listen to what they are learning in the class and practice it

Kids are taught about saving water, not wasting food, electricity,  plants and trees etc. Practice what teachers are teaching.


7. Travel

Make your travels a learning experience. It will give them a worldwide outlook.


Globally-minded kids are environmentally-minded kids. Kids who think green now will grow up to collaborate with like-minded global citizens and figure out sustainable ways to ensure that Earth and all its beings can thrive and carry on.  

While I am sure that’s what you want for your kids, tell us what you think in the comments section below.


Ansoo Gupta runs a digital brand management firm Pinstorm. She has travelled to 70 countries and is the founder of One Shoe Trust for Responsible and Mindful Travels. She advocates minimalism and a low impact lifestyle to help save our planet.


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