Pregnancy Week 15: Risks and Red Flags

You will mostly have received the results of your double, triple or quadruple marker tests by now. These tests measure various hormone levels in your body.

If the results appear out of ordinary or if you’re above 35 years in age or have a genetic history of chromosomal abnormalities, your doctor may suggest a more invasive test called amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS).

These tests carry a five per cent risk of miscarriage so understand the pros and cons before you undergo them.



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kaushik kumar

Went through NIPT... waiting for reprt...hope 4 the best.; Risk was 1:89


Please elaborate about these tests as i am 15 week pregnant. .

Preeti Singh

Yah plz elaborate!!

Anji Kul

Is level 1 screening and double marker is same.

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