Pregnancy Week 16: Old Wives' Tales

You well-wishers might tell you that if you’re craving for sweets during pregnancy, you’re carrying a girl and if you’re craving tangy, savoury foods, your baby is a boy.

If only it was that easy to figure out whether your baby is a boy or girl! Your cravings are actually the handiwork of your pregnancy hormones, which unfortunately have nothing to do with your baby’s gender.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Zahra Ezzy

I wish I knew this before

janani swadhanthra

In my first trimester I was craving for tangy flavours.. Bt; in my second trimester I am craving for desserts and sweets...


I wish I knew this before


I dnt have cravings fo any purticulr food.

Neharika Agarwal

👌👌tnx fr d info

Neharika Agarwal

I wish I knew this before

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