Pregnancy Week 17: Baby Growth

You have already started glowing and are easily showing - it’s time to revel in this beautiful phase. Your baby is now about 12 cms and weighs almost 100 grams (about a size of a turnip). In this week, fat begins to form under your baby’s skin and this will continue till your baby is born. Fat is important as it helps in heat production and metabolism. It also makes your baby look cuddly!

Your baby's umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger. Bones are changing from rubbery cartilage to hardened bone. Sweat glands have begun to develop too.



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Roja Mada

Tells me how..

Archi Shah

This is so well written.


Should i include a lil more fat in my diet for this??

Priyanka Jain

This is exactly what I was looking for.


I havent started to look pregnant yet any idea when will i start showing??

Tabassum shaikh

17 weeks completed

Tabassum shaikh

Sounds like so much fun.

Innocent Okoh

This is so well written.

Minal Mose

This is so well written.

Laxmi Sharma

This is just in time

Pratibha Kesharwani

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है

Neeraj Sapkota

18 month pregnant

sonia deepk shrawt

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है

nimmi rathore

Just in time.. 😊😊


This is so well written.

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