Pregnancy Week 17: Emotional Changes

Some expecting mums tend to forget that they are pregnant around this time (yes, it happens). This is because most of the annoying pregnancy symptoms completely disappear by this week. This might happen to you as well. However, remind yourself to be careful, walk slowly and double check to ensure that you’re always wearing comfortable walking shoes.



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ya same is happening here

I wish I knew this before

Yes it's happening

Ya actually it is happening... Even i got afraid that now a days i m not getting morning sickness and my tummy also not that much tight ad it was before. I was infact worry why i m absolutely fine...

Experiencing same thing

Experiencing d same

my experience is also same

M feeling same

Experiencing the same more concerned about how the baby is doing?

Same feeling.. :)

This is so well written.

I am exactly same as was in first trimester. 😔

Experiencing the same

Same thing is happening to me

I feel like that sometimes I tell the baby to say move if you still in there cause it just feels normal as though you not expecting

काश मुझे यह पहले पता होता!

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